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ZjitZjo performs at 'Elettrica Paradiso' with Italy's Swingrowers, France's Kiwistar, and Delachaux - May 18, 2019 - Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco
GET TICKETS: Elettrica Paradiso – May 18, 2019 in SF

Behold a dystopically gonzo sampling of delicacies from our vertigo-inducing sonic smorgassbord!

Exactly how many ZjitZjo hits are represented in ZjitZtorm 1? Why do that to people? And what’s with Wooja’s 4:2*1*?

Only time will tell. Our ways are mysterious and our exploits endless.

Strap it on — we’re going in!



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ZjitZjo’s Zjitiots are comprised of a perfectly imbalanced compendium of salaciously musical circus, sideshow and vaudeville miscreants, each operating with impunity in a vacuum of questionable suction, intent, and accessories.

Musical tramps, in the parlance of our times. They represent a class of elite zjit disturbers, the likes of which the world can scarcely imagine let alone stomach. Led in loose terms by The Klown Boenobo, they harken from acclaimed hooligans Gooferman, TrashKan Marchink Band, Ideateam, and City of Trees Brass Band.


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We’re ready, thick-skinned, and we rarely wear underwear. So lay it on us … or book us … or both.

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